Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Unicorn Pillow!

This post is just full of win. First the picture is great, but the best part has to be the description when the poster says he got it for his son off the internet.. It was supposed to be just a horse pillow, but he evidently clicked the wrong pillow. Link below.

Free Jacuzzi!

I know this isn't weird or funny, but this has got to be a first for me. I mean I creep alot on different craigslist postings, but this is actually a super legit free posting. If only I lived in Vegas..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free WTF?!

Every time I look through Craigslist it seems there's always something new and wild. This definitely tops the scale. I don't even know what to think. See if you can figure out what this is all about.

Pic in link NSFW, at bottom of post.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Racism!

Somebody got a little to ticked off, and had a little to much to say on his mind.

Oh and by the way, that's one fluffy baboon.

Free Art!

Check out the faces on those cards! Not to bad actually though. This is actually one I'm surprised is for free. Evidently the art buying community out in LA isn't doing so good..

Free Ridiculous Book!

Not quite sure what could be in a book like this, but sounds pretty important! I'm sure somewhere in it there's a page that says in order to do everything right, never buy a dumb book like this again. At least that would make sense. Someone in Idaho go get this book!

Free Monkey Bathroom Items!

Seems like it's that time of the year again to clean out the bathroom. The only thing that stood out to me was described as "monkey bathroom items". Not quite sure what that exactly is and the picture doesn't do to much justice. I'm sure it's got to be something good though. Monkey bathroom items? Yea I'll take that.

Free Talking Birds!

This just proves again, you really can find anything out there. I think I know exactly why this poster is wanting to give up the birds. Probably the same situation I could see myself get into. Don't act like you've never had that one moment when you saw a talking parrot somewhere on TV, and thought 'man it'd be so cool to have a talking bird and teach it to say all sorts of stupid stuff.' What you don't think about is one week later having to listen to a nagging bird all day long. I guess this person found out the hard way that it's not as great as it seems it would be.

Oh and what's better than one talking bird? Two of course..

Free Bath Tub!

Not quite sure if this bath tub would be worth the trouble, but hey it's free. Now the only question is why does the poster want to just get rid of a bath tub? It's called a dumpster..